Wag More Wednesday… Let’s Take a Hike and Try New Treats!

Written by Ryan Tarver, Marketing Director New dog treats from Cloud Star? Seems like a good reason to go for a hike and let our dogs try our newest tasty […]


Ask The Experts: Optimizing Your Dog’s Health Part 1

Written by Amy Dyck, Homes Alive Pet Centre Most pet owners know the things they need to be doing to keep their pet happy and well, but what about going […]


Wag More Wednesday… The Day of the Pumpkin

Written by Ryan Tarver, Marketing Director It has been awhile since Cloud Star has had a cook-off, hasn’t it? So, when it was suggested that we should have a pumpkin-themed […]


Wag More Wednesday… They Know Best

Written by Ryan Tarver, Marketing Director. We’ve all read the news articles about how pets improve our health by making us happier, lowering our blood pressure, reducing stress, and much […]

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Wag More Wednesday… Yellowstone Park

This week we want to share with you Scott’s recent trip to Yellowstone National Park. Take a few minutes this Wag More Wednesday to pause and admire the magnificent beauty […]


Wag More Wednesday… A Friendly Reminder

Written by Ryan Tarver, Marketing Director Every morning on my commute to work I pass by an art installment on a busy street corner in San Luis Obispo. When I […]


Wag More Wednesday… 2,600 miles completed!

Written by Ryan Tarver, Marketing Director Here is a story that reminds us how small our world really is! Some of you may remember, back in May of this year, […]


Wag More Wednesday… Puppy!

Written by Jen Melton, co-founder I did it, I brought home a puppy. It seemed like such a great choice when I made it. I have never had a puppy […]

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Wag More Wednesday… Happy Birthday Cloud Star!

This September marks the 15th anniversary of every dogs’ favorite treat, Buddy Biscuits! Cloud Star is turning 15 this year, and in honor of our birthday we are going to take […]


Wag More Wednesday… Why Traveling with Our Dogs Makes Us Wag More and Bark Less

Written by Amy Burkert, There is no question that taking your dog along on vacation requires additional effort. You need to find pet friendly hotels, search out activities where […]