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Wag More Wednesday… World Vets – Take 2

Written by Jen Melton, co-founder Last November I had the most amazing experience volunteering for a week in Honduras with World Vets.  If you aren’t familiar with World Vets, it […]


Wag More Wednesday… Let’s go for an adventure!

Written by Jen Melton, co-founder What is my recipe for the perfect adventure this summer? A new place to discover, a pair of hiking shoes, a fully stocked backpack, and […]


Wag More Wednesday… Best Friends Clicker Training with Cloud Star Treats

Written by Jen Melton, co-founder Do you remember back in May when I visited Best Friends Animal Society and spent the days playing with adorable puppies? Ok, I might be […]


Wag More Wednesday… This is 30!

Written by Ryan Tarver, Marketing Director It should be known that I’m not the only one in the office that gets heckled for getting older (that’s right Jen!). So, I […]


Wag More Wednesday… Red, White, and Blueberries!

Written by Jen Melton, co-founder At Cloud Star, we like to do things a little different, and that is why today, July 2nd, we are celebrating July 4th! So, Happy […]


Wag More Wednesday… It’s that time of the year again…Summer!

Written by Jen Melton, co-founder Each year our family composes a summer fun list. It’s a way for us to make one central list of all the fun things we […]


Wag More Wednesday… SUP with your pup?

Written by Jen Melton, co-founder This is a question I get a lot from my friends; “do you SUP with your pup?” Until recently, the answer was “no,” but that […]


Wag More Wednesday… The Adventures of a Dog Photographer…

Written by Kristina Colelli As the newbie at Cloud Star one of my first assignments was to set up a photo session to update the Cloud Star image catalog. I’m […]


Wag More Wednesday… Life Lessons at 40

Written by Jen Melton, co-founder This Friday, June 6th will be a milestone birthday for me. I am turning 40! While I may be getting harassed by my friends and […]


Wag More Wednesday… Surviving A Puppy’s First Year

Written by Deanne Hadden In my family’s quest for a puppy, we found Brodee.  He was a gorgeous 4-month-old purebred black lab. He was up for adoption because he was […]